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Notes from #LNK Coding Women meet up: Tech group smash up!

For this month’s #LNK Coding Women meetup, we asked representatives from some other tech groups to talk about their groups. Thanks everyone for coming!

Nebraska Drupalers

Find them at Meetup,, Twitter

Next meeting: Tue October 14, 5:30 @ Fuse Coworking, 800 P Street

Bob Hinrichs gave an excellent introduction to the Nebraska Drupals group. Compared to many other groups, Drupalers tend to be a diverse and inclusive group. The Nebraska Drupalers group is both for Drupal developers and Drupal users.

Meetups alternate between Omaha and Lincoln.

Lincoln Game Developers

Find them at Facebook, Twitter,

Next Meetup: Saturday October 4, 7:00 pm @ Turbine Flats, 2124 Y St.

Megan told us about the Lincoln Game Developers group. Meetings are held 2x a month. On the first Saturday of each month they hold a discussion meeting, and on the 3rd Thursday they hold a social meetup.

The Lincoln Game Developers meetup is for all game developers – computer games, board games, table top games.

Open Nebraska

Find them at, Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Hackpad

Next Meetup: Accela Civic Platform & Contruct API Introduction – Monday, October 6, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm @ Aviture 8802 S 135 St #500, Omaha, NE

Nate Benes gave a great overview of Open Nebraska. They do things like sponsor legislation requiring open government data (for instance and promote the use of open government data via development projects.

Hack Lincoln

On October 17–19 Open Nebraska is sponsoring an event called Hack Lincoln.

From the website: “Hack Lincoln is a 48-hour hackathon bringing together the area’s hackers – developers, technologists, designers, and civic advocates – to wrangle data sets, learn new ideas and techniques, and build some cool stuff in a fun environment.”

You can participate in Hack Lincoln teams even if you don’t code at all, and you can also be a spectator.

Lincoln Agile Community

Find them at Meetup,

Next meetup: UNL Raikes school open house – Tuesday October 14, 5:30 pm @ UNL Downtown Campus, Lincoln, NE

Rob Nickolaus talked to us about the Lincoln Agile Community. Not just for developers, it’s for anyone interested in the agile project management techniques. They meet every month, and alternate between lunch groups and evening meetings.

Beer And Code

Find them at Twitter,

Next meetup: Not yet scheduled, check the website!

Nate gave us a rundown of Beer and Code- they generally meet second Tuesday of the month, and get together to code (and drink beer!)

Ruby and Open Source

Find them at Meetup

Next meetup: Wednesday October 8, 6:30 pm @ Fuse Coworking, 800 P St.

Groups we missed:

Nebraska chapter of the Association of Information technology Professionals

Lincoln .NET Users Group

If there are any groups we missed, please let us know!

Other events:

Amy Ebbeka of Ebbeka Design let us know that she will be hosting an open house November 6 from 4:30 – 7:30 at ebbeka design (800 P St. Lincoln) – come and have come free food and drink!

Bob reminded everyone of the FAC’s held at Fuse coworking every other Friday. The next one will be Friday, October 10. (800 P St. Lincoln)

The group discussed an idea to host a cross Lincoln Tech Group meetup. Something to discuss further!

CSS/HTML Resources For Beginners

Here is the list of resources that helped me immensely when I was learning how to code.

Here is a really great beginner’s course over all the basics. I suggest working through this first.

Here is one on just CSS that would be beneficial as well.

This covers how to take a PSD or static image and slice it up to make a working website.

If you could work your way through this whole track, you should be good to go.

CodeSchool has a track as well:

These would also be very beneficial:

CSS: Noob to Ninja

Coding a Beautiful Website from Scratch:

Zurb Foundation has great frameworks to get you started:

Twitter’s Bootstrap is also a nice framework:

OR you can use my pre-built framework to start from scratch:

Plugins we talked about in our meeting:
Cycle 2:

Other Resources:

Another great resource I forgot to mention is Stackoverflow. It is a community specifically for questions, answers, and troubleshooting code. is a ‘front end playground’ to test code live. is much of the same, but more geared toward JS.

Good luck and have fun! Please let me know if you have any questions at all about anything front-end related. I’d love to help!
You can reach me at or @aijodesigns on Twitter.

#LNK Coding women June 5, 2014 meeting

#LNK Coding Women had its third meeting June 5, 2014. Hudl, located in downtown lincoln, offered to host and even provided pizza and beer. Thanks Hudl!

Hudl’s offices are amazing, and, as expected, full of tech.2014-06-06_hudl01


For this meeting, Becky Henderson demonstrated Git (via SourceTree) and how to create a simple OSX App using XCode.


Afterwards, the group got a tour of Hudl led by Elizabeth Cain. Below are some pictures from the tour. Hudl’s space is really neat (as befits a startup).

Also, They are hiring in just about every category, so head over to Hudl’s jobs page if you are looking for work!



Hudl works in small teams, and everyone gets a technology budget, a standing desk, and look at all those whiteboards!


They’ve written several applications to improve productivity, such as a scheduling app and an app to tell people when lunch has arrived. (Did I mention free lunch every day?)


Another application written in house books meeting rooms.


The view out the window was pretty nice. I forgot to get a picture of the lunch room, but it included 4 fridges, 3 tv’s and soda on tap.

What a cool place to work!